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February 2023

Visualization of store concepts

2D, 3D, virtual reality, mood boards, material samples – whatever the purpose, we make sure our visual communication matches the requirements.

A spatial design or layout can be communicated in many ways, and our toolbox allows us to adjust to the visual communication that is necessary for everyone to comprehend what has not yet been built.

The quality of a visualization of something that doesn’t yet exist is the key to understanding the possibilities of the project. The visualization can serve as a powerful tool for visual merchandisers and other stakeholders within the retail chain to create the best possible sales context.

We offer visualizations at all levels – from scaled 2D drawings that can be used for further planning (planograms, etc.), rendered visualizations of 3D furniture and environments or guided virtual reality tours in a store or office space.

We also provide interior layouts with integrated detailed information, such as furniture specifications and item lists and schedules – drawing packages that create a solid and comprehensive foundation for the further process and communicate the design concept for all stakeholders in a process, from technical designers, craftsmen, shop fitters and visual merchandisers – just to name some.

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