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February 2023

Turn key and shop fitting

Let’s break it down for you
No empty premises ready for installation of new store fittings? Fear not. We are demolition experts as well, experienced in removal of all types of shop shelving and fittings. Careful dismantling allows for recycling or refurbishment of storage equipment and furniture, which will reduce costs.

Authority approval & planning permission
We make sure that paperwork is never going to delay your project. We know local retail regulations inside out, and ensure that construction plans comply with local building codes, fire regulations etc. Working out blueprints for authority approval, filing for permits and dealing with government agencies is what we do on a regular basis.

Installation of new elements
Flooring, lighting, electricity, network, plumbing, heating, foil, signage, shelving, counters, walls, racks, entrance systems, eas systems – our technicians take care of everything, either through our own fitters or our large network of craftsmen and collaborators, all specialized in store setup, assembly and rollout.

Project management and logistics
We prepare a detailed project plan with milestones and approval steps for all processes, and run the project from start to finish. We keep you in the loop, and you don’t have to worry about budget compliance, delays, suppliers, or schedules. The key to your new store will be in your hand in due time, ready for store opening with flags and balloons.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info about your options!

Reach out to your local sales department here.

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