05. May 2021

Sustainable materials in our products

We use sustainable and recycable materials in our product range, because we care about people and the environment. Expedit is owned by Wanzl and we sell a full variety of Wanzl products. Let’s take a closer look about the materials in the products we have!

Our materials
Steel is a unique material because once it’s made it can be used forever. Steel can be recycled infinitely and the best part is that when recycling steel the quality never down-grades. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. The most popular shopping trolley models of Wanzl are made of steel.

Wood – what a beautiful material. FSC certification means that the wood is produced ethically. Certificate supports the diversity of nature and the rights of native people. We sell products that are made of wood, for example in different furniture, display equipment and shelf ends.

We have suppliers whose acrylic is 100% regenerated. Regenerated acrylic has the same characteristics than ordinary cast acrylic but it is more environmentally friendly. We have acrylic in our products for example in safety shields, store display racks, brochure racks and more.


What is ISO certification?
We use glass from suppliers that have 30% of their glass recycled. The goals is to increase this to 50% by 2025. They are environmentally certificated factories (ISO 14001). ISO 14001 is the most internationally known environmental system standard. Here’s few examples of products made of glass that we sell: glass divider walls that are common in retail stores and shops, the Wanzl eGate store entrance gates. The gate made from glass is more durable than plastic one, as there will be no scratches or marks.

Our suppliers can offer a new mirror of good quality that takes the environment into consideration as there is no lead added and only minimal use of solvents. The mirror can be customized in different shapes, framed or unworked. There can also be added a logo, a sandblasted design or engraving.

And at last the fabrics. There is a wide variety of textiles, including eco-certified products (Green Guard, EU eco-label, LEED) that the furniture can be customized with. Different fabrics are used in furniture upholstery, curtains, acoustic panels and carpets.

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