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22. November 2021

Increasing sales with product presentation

How can you increase sales with a good product presentation? One way is by making sure that the customer meets the product in an inspirational way. For example in grocery stores an inspirational presentation of ingredients in the right combinations can promote ideas for the customers own cooking and the same effect can be achieved in fashion or lifestyle stores with a clever and carefully merchandized presentation of mixed products from different categories (basic, accessories, in-fashion). It also has a lot to do with the store atmosphere. There are a few different factors on the store concept atmosphere: Store design, store environment and overall appearance of a store. In this article we list some points that are good to know in terms of impacting the customer.

Material and colours
Light wood together with light pastel colours and a selling table made of stone bring minimalistic and natural vibes to the Nanso store. The airy feeling comes from soft lighting and light shades. The store’s style has taken inspiration from Nordic nature. The space above clothing racks allows the space to breathe. The controlled use of colours has multiple possibilities to affect the customer’s minds by means of colour. In the Nanso store the space is coloured with the same cream white colour from floor to ceiling and it creates a neutral, effective canvas for the fresh coloured clothing. Different colours all have a psychological impact and the choice and combination of materials and colours can create a big difference in the atmosphere. The atmosphere can be luxurious, elegant, minimalistic, playful or fun - the list goes on.


Lighting and store decoration
The Fredrik and Louisa cosmetics store is attractive and inspirational. The lighting placed at the bottom of furniture draws attention to the products. The materials and colours (dark and light wood with dark shades) of this section supports the exclusivity of products. The decoration is used as a nice effect because the motorbike and canoe arouses interest around the target group. The decoration piece doesn’t always have to be spectacular motor vehicles or canoes: A minimalistic product presentation can be just as eye catching, here illustrated with an example from the Nanso store (see image above).

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Shop fittings
The importance of highly functional shop fittings is crucial, especially in supermarkets. The way ingredients are presented has a big effect on customer’s choices. When presented inspirationally, products can give customers ideas on trying something new or having parties and holidays with a certain theme. That is possible with attractive and functional stands, displays, shelving systems and tables. And relevant products can be placed close each other. With shop fittings there are also plenty of other options on presenting the products. Different material as posters and illustrations on shelf ends can also bring the wanted aesthetics on the store. Showing easy and ready solutions give customer the value they are willing to pay of.

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